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Legacy Estates & Trusts, PLLC, provides trusted legal advocacy for the full range of estate planning, estate administration and probate matters. Individuals and families come to us for our multigenerational approach to preserving or distributing their legacy.

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Why Do I Need A Lawyer
For My Estate Plan?

These days, anyone can download estate planning forms from the internet and call it a day. The problem with internet forms is that they are often only part of what you need to ensure your loved ones follow your wishes for protecting and distributing your estate. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you understand new updates to federal and state trusts and estate law. At Legacy Estates & Trusts, PLLC, our estate planning attorneys understand that sometimes it can be difficult to call or email a lawyer to speak about the inevitable: death and taxes.

We can answer your questions about creating a will, drafting your power of attorney documents, advance health care directives and other necessary documents. We can also help you determine how best to protect your assets and if establishing a living, or revocable trust would be appropriate for your family’s circumstances. There are a lot of myths out there on the world wide web. Our lawyers will help you separate myths from facts.

If you already have an estate plan, but you have significant life changes such as divorce or death of your spouse, updating your estate plan as soon as possible could prevent confusion or frustration for your family if you are suddenly unable to speak for yourself.

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Estate Planning

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Probate And Estate Administration

Compassionate, Knowledgeable Help
After The Incapacity Or Death Of Your Loved One

It is always emotionally difficult when a loved one is suddenly gravely ill or dies. Handling their affairs can be challenging, especially if they did not have an estate plan. Families in grief are quick to argue over who is in charge and who gets what asset. Regardless of family disputes, determining if your loved one’s estate must go through Arkansas probate is essential to ensure their final affairs are handled appropriately, otherwise your family could end up in court or worse, facing high fees for unpaid debts or tax penalties. Generally, if the total value of your loved one’s probate estate is less than $100,000, then your family can avoid probate and file small estate forms to finalize your loved one’s affairs.

But estate administration is seldom straightforward. What if your family member has a will or established a trust? What exactly is their probate estate? Who is going to get the family farm? What about the family business? What do we do now? If your loved one has a will and you are the personal representative, or they established a trust and you are the successor trustee, you have certain responsibilities and duties to fulfill. Many questions will arise, and our attorneys can help you organize your strategy for locating your loved one’s will or trust, inventorying their assets, notifying interested parties, and other vital estate or trust administration duties. Our attorneys can help you understand your duties and help you address family conflicts.

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