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What to look for in a power of attorney

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2022 | Estate Planning

Picking a power of attorney is a critical step in estate planning. This essential designee makes medical decisions on your behalf when you cannot.

Consider whom you would like to serve in this role. Then, hire an estate planning professional to make your selection official. Verify that the person you choose has the most desirable attributes.


Cut candidates that live too far away. Residents of other states may be unable to rush to your side on short notice. Distance is a severe disadvantage when time is of the essence.


Performing the duties of a power of attorney is a massive responsibility. Find someone that will make decisions according to your plans. Discuss opinions with others about whether someone is trustworthy.


Life and death matters are high-pressure scenarios. Loved ones may have differing opinions about what should happen. Your power of attorney needs to remain strong in the face of outside pressure. Select an individual you know will not waver.


Every bit of information you collect helps inform your decisions. Matters about health are no exception. Thus, it is best to appoint someone who already knows your medical history.


While it may be an honor to become a power of attorney, it is potentially nerve-wracking. The person you have in mind might be unwilling to serve in this delicate capacity. Confirm that whom you desire is willing to perform this role before drawing up paperwork.

Everyone needs a representative in charge of medical decisions in case of incapacitation. Collaborate with an attorney to secure one before tragedy strikes.