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What is the importance of choosing a good executor?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Estate Planning

No matter who you plan to leave your personal belongings and assets to once you die, you will likely need a will to make your wishes clear.

One part of crafting a will includes choosing an executor. This person is responsible for paying off your debts and helping your beneficiaries so that they get your heirlooms and any other items. Picking someone you trust for this position is key for several reasons.

Dealing well with a variety of personalities

According to Kiplinger, your beneficiaries often include family members and close friends. When weighing options about who to choose for your executor, you may need to think about what kind of personality they have and how well they get along with other people in your family.

Worrying about showing favoritism among children or who will make tough decisions when there is a stressful problem are factors you may want to take into account.

Paying attention to deadlines

An attentive executor will meet all the necessary deadlines and finalize all the paperwork that your estate needs. They also need to communicate with the court at some points during this process. Picking someone who is willing to spend time on these important tasks without forgetting or ignoring their duties is important.

Knowing you as a person

Your executor is responsible for any final wishes you have, including unique ones that other people may not have. It may help you feel at peace to choose someone who knows you very personally so that they understand what you want.

Selecting a thoughtful and responsible person to be your executor is an important step during the estate planning process.