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Reasons for parents to create a will

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Estate Planning

Parents who are aware they should create a will may worry about approaching the task. They feel frightened over hashing out complex, legal details in a formal setting.

The good news is they can jettison these fears. A proper estate planner has compassion and knows how to walk clients through the process. Parental wishes may not happen should they expire without a will in place. It only takes a bit of awareness to spur those needing an estate plan into action.

The state determines guardianship when there is no will

Mothers and fathers want a say in who gets guardianship over their children. Without a will, minors are subject to the directives of family courts.

The state determines asset distribution when there is no will

Someone may die lacking documents directing what happens with assets. Courts then become responsible for making these decisions. The probate process is expensive and takes longer than executing a will. There is no reason why heirs should not receive the greatest amount of money possible.

The state does not care about others the way families care for one another

The government lacks an inherent interest in the outcome of its decisions. Only parents truly wish for their offspring to thrive. Once someone passes and a judge hands down a decree, the ruling is out of the hands of interested parties. As long as the creators of a will are still living, adjustments remain possible.

Writing a will might seem complicated or unreasonable for certain families. In reality, every parent should have a relevant document on file.