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Top considerations for a living will in Arkansas

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Estate Planning

A living will is an important part of estate planning. It can help ensure that the appropriate people follow your health care preferences if you are unable to communicate them yourself.

In Arkansas, there are several important considerations to keep in mind when crafting a living will.

1. Clear and specific descriptions

A well-drafted living will should contain clear and specific descriptions of the medical treatments you wish to receive or refuse under various circumstances. Providing detailed instructions helps health care professionals and family members understand your preferences and make decisions aligned with your values.

2. Health care proxy

Selecting a health care proxy, also known as a medical power of attorney, is another major decision. This individual will make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. Choose someone trustworthy, reliable and capable of advocating for your wishes during challenging times.

3. End-of-life scenarios

When creating your living will, contemplate various end-of-life scenarios. Arkansas law allows individuals to outline their preferences regarding life-sustaining treatments, artificial nutrition and hydration. Guidance on these matters can ensure that authorities respect your values and beliefs, even in the face of difficult decisions.

4. Regular review and updates

Life circumstances and personal beliefs may change over time. Regularly review and update your living will to reflect your current wishes accurately. Changes in health, relationships or philosophical perspectives should prompt a reassessment of the document.

5. Communication with loved ones

While a living will is a legally binding document, open communication with loved ones is important. Informing family members about the existence of your living will and discussing your preferences with them can prevent confusion and potential conflicts during difficult times.

A living will in Arkansas requires careful consideration of specific details. By addressing these aspects thoughtfully, you can gain peace of mind.