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What are some signs of undue influence?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Estate Planning

When your loved one is trying to write out their will and estate plan, you may worry that someone else is influencing them or trying to make them leave all of their assets to them.

This issue is typically called undue influence. By learning more about the signs of it, you can potentially detect when your parents or someone else close to you may need help.

Isolating loved ones

According to the AARP, isolating an older person can make it hard for them to communicate to others the problems they are facing. If they are writing out a will that involves a large amount of money or assets, this means that the person they spend a lot of time with can have sway over who they name as beneficiaries.

This isolation can also prevent other people from talking privately with your loved ones about legal matters, such as attorneys discussing the contents of the will.

Showing dislike for other family members

If you notice the person in question making rude comments about other members of the family or people who may become beneficiaries, it could be a sign of undue influence. Comments made in public or in private can reflect this mentality.

Behaving in a secretive way

If this person does not discuss the legal or medical appointments they schedule for your parents or drive them to, it may potentially reflect some level of undue influence. They may make sure they are always present at every meeting with the attorneys.

Staying aware of how this kind of influence can harm your loved one while they write their will is important.