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Embracing the end

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Estate Planning

Countless people avoid estate planning for one specific reason. The process is directly linked to their inevitable deaths, something no one wants to consider. Unfortunately, that leads to delays in drafting wills and trusts, resulting in loved ones trying to interpret your wishes when a formal document does not exist.

However, acknowledging your future demise is not only normal, but should also be embraced as a healthy approach to take. On average, eleven percent think about death every day. Those more focused on living lives ponder the end up to four times a year.

Pondering your demise

Instead of having a negative effect, psychologists see countless advantages to letting those thoughts in and even openly talking about it with friends and family members. The more that you are willing to embrace the end, various studies see people open to shed their respective mortal coils increasing their self-worth, while reducing money-driven obsessions. Some become funnier and more laid back.

Eastern philosophies embrace the inevitability of death, not to mention the human existence fraught with frailty. Corpses would be put on display for meditation purposes ultimately acknowledging what they call the “unavoidable fate.”

Taking action

With that acceptance comes the much-needed proactive process of estate planning. Leaving this earth without documenting your heirs and what they will receive may not ease the pain of mourning. However, you can provide them with a roadmap of your wishes and what you want for them, whether it’s sage advice or valuable property.

Regardless of the reasons, estate plans should be a priority that provides peace of mind during a tragic times.